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Giaconda Amphora Roussanne 2019

Inspired by natural wine making techniques and using the ancient storage vessel clay amphora. An experimental wine that Rick has hinted may become a new family member to the Giaconda pantheon. 
(Shelf price - $89 per bottle  Offer price - $79 per bottle)
An exercise in 'natural' wine making where the accent is on doing little other than being vigilant. This Roussanne has been fermented and aged on skins for 9 months in Spanish Amphorae (Terracotta pots). A fascinating example of natural wine at its best, whereby all the varietal characters and freshness are retained. Displays a strong hue of green and gold - a complex dry white with an edge of the funky fruit characters; accented by notes of ginger, citrus peel, honeysuckle and white flowers. The palate is incredibly textural and framed by minimal acidity that is discretely tucked into the background. This finishes with a powerful end note of minerality, creating a perfect example of sophisticated dry white wine. Utterly unique!
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