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Limefinger 2021 Clare Valley Riesling six-pack (6 x 750ml)

A mixed six-pack comprising three bottles each of the following two wines:

Limefinger 'Solace' Polish Hill River Riesling 2021
"Very tight, a lot of crunch and distinct chalk 'mineral' feel to it. It has a bit of citrus zest in the mix, juice of fresh lime, quite a lot of grip, and a firm, almost dusty finish of outstanding length. Polished Polish, with a heap of spice and limey zest."
95 points,  Winefront

Limefinger 'The Learnings ' Polish Hill River Riesling 2021
"Good fellow is Neil Pike. I bumped into him in the lobby of the Adelaide Hilton earlier in the year. Adelaide is a place I like a lot, and probably my second favourite city in Australia, after Sydney, but it's kind of a small town!

Fragrant, vanilla, kafir lime and lemongrass sort of thing, along with typical lemon/lime juiciness. It's quite tight, with a fine chalk dust texture, a bit of spice and a perfumed finish of precision and excellent length. A fair bit of crunch and energy. I really like it."
94 points, Winefront


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