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Paradigm Hill Pinot Gris 2020 (3 x 750ml)

(RRP - $65 per bottle  Offer price - $55 per bottle in a straight three-pack) 
In November 2019, just as the vulnerable flowering period started in Pinot Gris, we experienced relentless rain for several weeks. This interfered with pollination and in turn fruit set which resulted in a very sad reduction in crop of 60%. The remainder of the growing season through to autumn 2020 was wonderful - with ideal ripening conditions producing pristine fruit but with much less of it!

The Pinot Gris is de-stemmed and then crushed. The must is left to soak a while before pressing off the juice, overnight cooling and then fermentation of clear juice in French oak barrels [50% new Vosges forest sourced oak at 16oC to 18oC]. Battonage [mixing the wine and lees] takes place fortnightly for three months and the finished wine is bottled after 6 months.

The wine's aromas entice you to both familiar and newer characteristics. Citrus and spice mingle with hints of nashi pear, gooseberries, dry herbs and exotic fruits. The wine shows hallmark elegance with intensity of fine savoury flavours, luscious texture and the expected complexity of character. Whilst our Pinot Gris drinks well whilst young, we can confidently predict a gracious and lengthy  evolution of the wine over a number of years [even 15+ years!]
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