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Tony Bish 'Zen' Chardonnay 2018

Tony Bish is a legend of New Zealand winemaking who spent decades making such iconic wines as Sacred Hill's Rifleman's Chardonnay. Now he is channeling his Chardonnay expertise into his own labels, which he produces in a stylish urban winery he has set up in Napier. Much of his wine is aimed at delivering classy examples of the the rich and creamy, 'old school' style of Chardonnay. But Tony's incredible touch and experience ensures that each wine is balanced and refined - even with all their big, bold appeal.

The latest release of Tony Bish's limited edition top Chardonnay, under a label which Jamie Goode has said "may be the best NZ Chardonnay I have ever tried". Presented in a stunning black box, the Zen is the first Chardonnay in the world to have been made exclusively in an Ovum, i.e. a 200L vessel in this case made of Taransaud oak and shaped like an egg, to enhance lees contact and texture. The fruit is from the Skeetfield Vineyard, a site just out of Fernhill where 25 year old vines of dry-farmed Mendoza Chardonnay supply Tony's two top labels. A stunning wine of immense refinement and depth, the Zen is at least as delicious as it is collectible.

(Offer price - $199 per bottle)
100% ovum, first use. Skeetfield fruit, unfined and unfiltered.
"Beautiful nose with subtly mealy citrus fruit. The palate has beautiful texture and finesse. There's a bright, lively citrus core with fine-grained structure. Such precision and detail with some spicy, mealy richness. There's amazing intensity and balance here. There are layers of flavour, with lemons, saline notes, and some grapefruit notes. This is profound. Tony Bish says egg Chardonnays don't need to age as long before release, and may not live as long as barrique aged ones, but can deliver profundity."
97/100, Dr Jamie Goode -


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