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Giaconda - Australia's greatest boutique producer

There is no dispute that Giaconda is Australia's greatest boutique winery.  Its Chardonnay is without peer, the two Shiraz are eerily Hermitage-like and the Pinot Noir ages as well as a fine red Burgundy.  The Nebbiolo, the newcomer to the range, is the best example of this bewitching Italian variety in Australia.

Established just outside of Beechworth by Rick Kinzbrunner in 1982, Giaconda is deservedly recognised as Australia's greatest boutique wine producer.  With a mere 4 hectares under vine and annual production of around 2,500 bottles, the emphasis is very much on quality.

At Armadale Cellars, we have been fortunate to witness the evolution of Giaconda.  With son Nathan now providing a second set of hands and ensuring continuity, we are confident that of a rosy future for this exceptional family-owned winery.


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